A premium women's cycling camp designed to take your gravel riding to the next level.

A premium women's cycling camp designed to take your gravel riding to the next level.
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What's in our Special Blend? Unlike some recipes, we don't want this one to stay a secret.

We bring together inspiring, driven women (that's you!), world-class coaches, and some of the best gravel roads in the world to push you just beyond your comfort zone, giving you the space and support to develop skills, knowledge, and confidence both on and off the bike.

You'll be treated like a pro athlete while at camp; all you have to do is ride, recover, eat, and repeat! Where else can you ride with professional cyclists who care about helping you build confidence and skills, all the while being surrounded with like-minded individuals who carry plenty of snacks to share in their pockets.
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    Bike handling and gravel terrain skills
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    Nutrition and fueling tips
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    Equipment and tire knowledge
  • lightning bolt
    Courage and confidence
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    Adventure and race strategies
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    Friendships and camaraderie
  • Rachel
    Spring 2023

    I was terrified about this camp. I was intimidated, worried I would hold everyone up, and concerned because biking has always been my weak sport. I had no reason to be worried. I was 100% supported. There was a big range of abilities at the camp, so no one was left behind. I left camp with renewed confidence, new climbing and descending skills, and a lot of new friends.

  • Winnie
    Fall 2022

    I don't often get the chance to ride with people, so cycling with other women and coaches for three days while developing our bike handling skills was exciting to me. That's what ultimately led me to decide, "I'm going to try this. This sounds fun." And it was SO much fun!

  • Shannon
    Spring 2022

    What makes Special Blend unique is the blend is those glorious gravel roads, the ratio of coaches to campers and the level of service back at the hotel. In no other situation can I focus on only my riding. They take care of food, bike things between rides, social time and classes. My only job was ride my bike and enjoy myself.

Kick off your gravel racing season with us in Dufur, Oregon, in the beautiful Columbia Gorge.
Grab your friends, share a cabin, and get ready to climb some hills in beautiful McKenzie Bridge, Oregon.


Are you a seasoned roadie curious about gravel riding, a competent mountain biker looking to rally the double track, or a gravel rider looking to hone your craft? If yes, Special Blend Gravel is for you. We welcome intermediate to advanced riders who are looking to build confidence, refine skills, find free speed through corners and on descents, and be a part of a growing community of like-minded cyclists, who like to push the limits and each other, just a little bit.

Special Blend Gravel Camp welcomes women, trans women, and non-binary folk.


  • You feel comfortable riding in groups and understand pack riding etiquette.
  • You can ride steep climbs and descents, and you want to go faster!
  • You can ride washboard and navigate bumpy and rocky terrain, but want to do it with more confidence and speed.
  • You are comfortable eating and drinking while on the bike.
  • You ride or exercise a minimum of 5 hours per week and can ride up to 4-5 hours, 2-3 days in a row.
  • You ride 5 hours, once in a while.
  • You have access to a bike with at minimum 38mm tires and disc brakes.
Still have questions? Please email us at hello@specialblendgravel.com.
Most of us underestimate our ability, so we’re happy to help you determine your skill level.
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camp founder Serena Bishop Gordon smiling at the camera


Serena Bishop Gordon, the passionate founder of Special Blend Gravel Camp, has a profound love for cycling and an unwavering dedication to uplifting women. Her impact as both an accomplished athlete and a catalyst for community and sharing the joy of cycling is evident.

First driven by her own success in the sport, Serena’s life has been shaped by cycling. Now, her mission is to share her passion and create a transformative experience through Special Blend Gravel Camp. It’s a place where campers not only develop gravel biking skills but also find empowerment and inspiration. Serena’s commitment to elevating women in both the sport and life is steadfast. She firmly believes “inspiration flows both ways," and by operating from a place of abundance, and uplifting one another, we can all achieve more.

In her own words: Special Blend Gravel Camp is the most inspiring and impactful project I have ever engaged in. It brings so much joy and meaning to my life. The relationships formed and confidence developed at camp is life-changing and has helped me define my "why".


A huge thank you to our sponsors.
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